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Our studio specialization is CG. We provide different services connected to computer graphics:

  • 3D graphics (modeling of any type of objects and surroundings)
  • 3D animation (characters and objects animation, dynamics)
  • 3D interactive multimedia presentations
  • Commercial videos and music videos
  • Production and postproduction process
  • Mattepainting graphics for movies, television, and 3D presentations

Our team consists of highly qualified and proficient artists, 3D modelers, visualizers, animators, programmers, composers, special effects specialists, photographers and other specialists, who work with the most modern facilities and software. That is why we are ready to provide you with the best quality of work in a short time.

We are not afraid of complicated tasks and are ready to accept the most sophisticated projects!

3D Presentation and Virtual World creation

We are ready to provide you with a unique service of 3D Presentation and Virtual World creation. Our team is highly qualified in this field and ready to complete any task. For more information, follow the link "3D virtual worlds".

 3D animation creation: character and object animation

3D animation is one of our main specializations.  We not only do the animation but also create commercials and video clips based on animated models. We are glad to offer you a service for creating 3D animation according to your scenario or if you don’t have one, our proficient scriptwriters can make it for you. For more detailed information, click the link "Animation".

Commercial and video clip creation

As a company providing production and postproduction services, we are ready to offer you commercial and video clip creation using all of the most advanced digital technologies and modern techniques of 3D graphics. We are guarantee fast and qualitative result of a full production cycle. We can blow your mind with ideas! For further information, click on "Commercials".

Mattepainting. The realistic background image for your video.

One of the most advanced technology in 3D graphics combines human hand-drawings and computer technologies. Images created in this technique amaze the viewers with realism. We can offer a service for creating any image using the mattepainting technique. For more information, click the link "Mattepainting".

3D modeling and visualization

If you need something to be created in 3D, we are glad to offer you both Hi-poly and Low-poly 3D modeling with further visualization. Our qualified specialists are ready to integrate any 3D model in any surrounding you need, even on a video background. More detailed information about 3D modeling is here "3D-visualization".

We are ready to bring to life every your idea, even if it seems impossible. We are ready to work with clients from all over the world. We have years of successful experience in remote work.

Want to know more about company and services connect us via e-mail: or skype: ballistart