3D animation used to be and still is one of the major activities of our studio. We are ready to offer you either advanced character animation or any object animation on the basis of physical simulation, and to create any commercial and video clips on this basis.

Commercial creation using 3D Graphics is a hi-tech process due to application of the best computer graphics and visual effects software. Our task is to make the utmost effective and appealing clip for a future buyer of your products and services.


3D presentation is the most recent possibility to visualize your architectural project, future interior or a catalogue of Your goods and services. You will be provided with a really amazing method to impress your customer and to hit his fantasy.

Welcome to the Ballistart Studio Web-site!
Our major activities are 3D Graphics and animation, commercial and video clip creation, interactive 3D presentation creation, production and postproduction. You can display our works using our Showreel or HD quality downloads.

You can contact us by email: info@ballistart.com.