3D animation creation

3D animation used to be and still is one of the major activities of our studio. We are ready to offer you either advanced character animation or any object animation on the basis of physical simulation and to create any commercial and video clips on this basis.

3D animation creation is a hi-tech process that requires excellent knowledge of modern 3D technologies and skilled use of basic classical animation and multiplication. This allows creating miracles we could just dream about some time ago!

Character animation

Character animation is one of the most interesting fields of the animation industry. It is not enough to make a character move to animate it. Each one should have its character, current and past life story; on this basis, an animator is able to create a unique and emotional image by all available means.

If you do not have a character yet, our artists will create it for you, and a scriptwriter will write a scenario for your commercial video, animated movie or any other animation project.

Object animation

Creating 3D presentations, as well as creating any animation clip, animation of various objects is often used. These objects for example are moving cars, flying jets, any other objects in action. We are ready to create a video clip, 3D presentation and any object animation for you.

Animation on the basis of physical manipulations

We offer explosions, destructions, various weather effects like rain, snow, thunder, lightning, etc., as well as any effects related to water, like the ocean, splashes, etc., which are often used in modern commercial and video clips. Our studio will create realistic effects on the basis of physical stimulation.


Since our studio specializes in 3D animation we are ready to create a sound multiplication film. It may be based either on your scenario or on a thematic scenario developed by our studio. We are ready to provide a musical background and postscoring.

Our studio performs own animation projects, which allows polishing our skills in the field of 3D animation and multiplication movie creation.

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