Mattepainting is a technology of background images creation for cinema, animation and television. It is based on advanced collaging combining drawn graphics and digital effects.

In the modern world the filmmaking industry rapidly develops impressing with more and more realistic special effects and almost impossible action realistic background creation is the most challenging task.

To create a Mattepainting piece an artist should not only have strong skills in classical drawing and photo images processing, but also in the most advanced computer technologies; therefore gorgeous results are our reality and we implement the most crazy ideas created by unlimited fantasy of a director or other customer.

Our studio can create any pieces of art in Mattepainting technique on the base of your plot, as well as to include this service in complex commercial or video clip creation services.

Furthermore, we often apply Mattepainting creating animation, 3D presentations and virtual worlds, which allows us to obtain impressing visual effect and to creat special mood and air of the whole piece.

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Our works in Mattepainting technique