3D visualization

3D visualization is one of the most popular services of our studio for it allows presenting an image of future building, apartment or any other object to a potential customer.

Architectural visualization

Sooner or later any architectural project will need a presentation for future customers or buyers. So, displaying this building or architectural object utmost effective and appealing is really important.

We can offer 3D model creation for your architectural constructions and its future photorealistic visualization and combining with surroundings on the basis of a photo or 3D graphics.

Furthermore, since the specialization of our studio is interactive multimedia 3D presentations, we are glad to offer development of virtual environment on the basis of created models of your building. This presentation method will give your customer a possibility to walk through the future construction or to examine it all over and even will provide a bird’s eye view.

Interior visualization

The main task of our visualizers is to present the best qualities of your project. We will prepare 3D models of any objects of your future interior. In order to display the air of the future interior as authentically as possible, you will provide us necessary materials, namely: photos of objects, samples of materials (wallpaper, tile, carpets, etc.), general plan of rooms, oral description and your wishes.

3D modelling and object visualization

Our studio can offer you any object 3D model creation and its future photorealistic visualization inserting it into surroundings on the basis of a photo or 3D graphics.

Video clip creation on the basis of 3D graphics

Video clip creation on the basis of 3D graphics and animation is one of the major activities of our studio. When the process of object and surroundings modelling is completed, we can offer you to create a video clip on this basis.

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