3D Presentation and Virtual World creation

3D presentation is the most recent possibility to visualize your architectural project, future interior or a catalogue of Your goods and services. You will be provided with a really amazing method to impress your customer and to hit his fantasy.

Let him walk through his future house or to ride his brand-new car or plane, to make sea voyage on his new yacht or just to see a new mobile or other product of your collection closer. And surely he will like your offer!

We use wide range of 3D Graphics technologies and digital special effects creating integrated multimedia 3D presentations or virtual worlds. Since we use cutting-edge Quest3D software (engine) we are ready to implement the most complex tasks creating a 3D presentations and virtual worlds.

We can include the following items into your 3D presentation or virtual world:

  • Any 3D models;
  • Complex landscapes with various plants (trees, bushes, etc.);
  • Ocean, sea;
  • Real world like sky with drifting clouds;
  • Day turns into night;
  • Weather effects (rain, snow, thunderbolt, etc.);
  • Effects based on particle system;
  • Various fluorescences and mystical effects;
  • Background images using Mattepainting or on the basis of photo panoramas;
  • Animated 3D characters;
  • Video clips and photo galleries;
  • Ambient sound and voice announcements;
  • Background music.

Quest3D technology makes it possible to use virtual media in full:

  • Interaction with a stereo output system;
  • Stereo TV Set Philips WOWvx 3D monitor display;
  • Possibility to connect virtual reality and game devices: joystick, helmet and gloves, WiiMote;
  • Force feedback possibility;
  • Modern visual effects environment.

Our Interactive 3D presentation works:

Minimum system requirements for 3D presentation performance:

  • WindowsXP SP2/SP3 or Vista;
  • DirectX9;
  • Processor: Pentium IV 2GHz; 
  • Video card: DirectX 9 compatible (GeForce 5600 level);
  • Operative memory: 512Gb (for XP), 1GB (for Vista).

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